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Luxembourg’s new development strategy promotes health for all

Publié le mardi 06 novembre 2018

A delegation from Luxembourg visited WHO headquarters in Geneva to discuss the country’s investment in key areas of global health and opportunities for engagement with WHO to jointly deliver on the ambitious goals of WHO’s five-year strategic plan.

Manuel Tonnar, Director for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Action, Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, led the group that was welcomed by Jane Ellison, Deputy Director General for WHO. Sessions throughout the day focused on universal health coverage, health emergencies, maternal and child health, including sexual and reproductive Health, non-communicable diseases and communicable diseases.

In the opening session, Ms Ellison highlighted Luxembourg’s key role in the Universal Health Coverage Partnership and across the Organization through flexible funds that enable WHO to make a real impact on people’s health in country. In the 2016-2017 biennium Luxembourg gave over US$ 18.8 million to WHO in voluntary contributions, nearly a fifth of this was in flexible funds, making the country the 9th largest core voluntary contributor.

In May of this year, Luxembourg launched its General Development Cooperation Strategy: Road to 2030, presented by Mr Tonnar, who emphasized that “The first pillar [of the strategy] includes basic social services for all, and this explicitly cites improving access to safe and affordable health care for all, aligning us to the core of WHO’s work.” He also reaffirmed Luxembourg’s commitment to development saying that, “Luxembourg will continue with our policy of dedicating 1% of our GNI.”

Dominique Hyde, Director of Strategic Engagement, presented the WHO investment case, laying out what a well-resourced WHO will achieve by working with partners. Over the next five years, alignment between WHO and partners like Luxembourg will aim to provide a billion more people with universal health coverage, better protect a billion people from health emergencies and enable a further billion people with better health and wellbeing.

Mr Tonnar closed by saying, “We are open to welcome WHO in Luxembourg to meet all of the partners on our side.” - Luxembourg’s new development strategy promotes health for all